Sunday, September 9, 2012

INVESTIGATE 9/11 ....Then question ....WHO are the real criminals and HOW can they be prosecuted if our government continues the coverup?  View the PBS video and other videoes. The last part of 15 minutes of the PBS video gets into why the average person avoids knowledge about 9/11. It is very important to see this or we are going to be the victims of even worse things eventually happening.

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                  At this web site there is abundant information about many different things going on in the world

Thursday, February 9, 2012


    Smart Meter health risks and information that is not found easily on MAIN STREAM MEDIA TV, newspapers and magazines. There are several web sites that can be found quickly by using a search engine such as and search using words "Smart Meter Dangers". One of the web sites I found most helpful  http://   and you can also search the names of Devvy Kidd and/or Dr. David Carpenter Dean at the University of Albany as part of search parameters.
    Examples of dangers related are sleeplessness, headaches, ringing in head/ears, cancers, etc.
Note....You can refuse to have it installed if you know of it before hand and recently the electric companies have even been forced to remove them when health concerns have been noted.