Saturday, July 18, 2015


Stephen P. Coyle written on 04-25-2013  ....revised- 07-18-2015

 The path ahead goes on,
 May merge or separate,
 Be wide, narrow or straight
 Or curve and go up or down.

With end not in sight,
We can choose, go on alone
Or decide to turn around.
Is that way wrong if the other be right?

Some paths merge together,
Become one for a time
And others onward forever.
So many curves and hills to climb!

Family, friends and strangers,
The animals too which we have befriended
Make this world so beautifully grander.
With companions we are protected and defended.

The support to each other,
The love we give and ourselves we surrender,
Our spirit, mind, heart becomes as one
And we travel onward together

We follow the path, try not to part
From start, and hope it not end.
Our thoughts, our spiritual lives on guard,
Our past, our present, to future are sent

Companions befriended on paths well traveled,
Forever together our spirits live without end.