Monday, May 16, 2011


By Mike Parker on

It is the human tendency to deny the results of "conspiracy", even though all of human interaction is by definition a "conspiracy". Conspirators rely on this habit of denial, because it makes their conspiracy possible. As long as people are denying that conspiring is possible, then conspiring is guaranteed to be successful. "Nobody would do that. Nobody would even think of doing that."
Men - intelligent men - who set forth to commit "crimes", or to accomplish things that other people would not approve of, are committed to finding the means of doing such things, in ways that "normal" people would not normally be ready to anticipate.
"Motive" is easy to suppose. A man steals from a bank. Motive: He wants the money. "Means", if it is done right, is not necessarily so easy to uncover. A man who points a gun at a bank teller has a straightforward means.
The most brilliant conspirators set their aims towards unusual thinking. The further that a plan is removed from normal thinking, the more valuable the proposition will be. Scads of crime films have been successful, working from the basis that surprising the audience with new and unexpected means of committing crime swill get their attention. Yet coming up with the most incredible means of committing crimes is in truth the foundation for the success of the deepest conspiracies that "normal"people think could never be possible.
The credo of the most successful conspirators is this: "Make what you do so far removed from normal thinking that normal thinkers would never even think it possible".
The most successful conspirators refuse to acknowledge that anything is impossible, and this is why they have been successful. They ride on the human tendency to accept everyday explanations for even the most deranged events. They ask themselves, "What would people not expect?" And they use that, to generate their agenda from unexpected directions.
Then they ask: "How can we prevent others from thinking about what has been done?"
It's simple: Give them new toys and/or something else to think about, and create "world - ending" crises to worry about. Meanwhile actual world - killing crises unfold - 911, Bin Laden, Japan, earthquakes, floods, revolutions, wars, disease, economic problems. So forth.
People in general do not feel happy about intrigue and conspiracy. They want to live their lives in peace, without worry. They want to be able to put their bag down, and attend to other business, without worrying that someone will steal their bag while they are otherwise involved.
THE TRUE CONSPIRATORS are by now so far ahead of commonplace thinking that what they are aiming at is not stealing the bag, but replacing it with their own bag, and telling you it's the one you just set down. You will not be any the wiser till much later on that you are missing your bag and more important what is contained within it.
People are too easy to control.
"No one would ever do that. It's not possible. We can't do that. No one would ever want to do that, Why do that?"
Maybe you wouldn't. And that's exactly why THEY did.
Why are people so resistant against truth? Or even fact?
Is it possible to understand the blindness of normal humans?.
For example, I attempted to inform my colleagues that one or more of the nuclear reactors in Fukishima. Japan has been admitted to be in a meltdown state. This is a very serious world catastrophic developing event.
I might as well have been telling them the schedule for the #260 bus. They didn't know; they didn't care; and they didn't care to know.
Is it indifference? Is it inertia? Is it lack of mental ability?
What is wrong? What is wrong with people?Why do they refuse to see?
Whatever it is, it is the means by which the conspirators have managed to succeed.

note.....The fact that controlled media hacks spend all their time dissing the idea of conspiracy is a big factor. Most people still think reality is defined by the mass media.

An excellent example of this is how so many people avoid talking or even thinking about the 911 Truth Movements and the evidence of domestic conspirators being a prime part of the destruction of buildings and murders of so many people along with health problems to so many more afterwards. Since the obvious reason for bldg. 7 destruction was controlled demolition then the next logical conclusion of what finally led to the fall of bldg. #1 and #2 is unthinkable and then the blame placed on Iraq and Sadam to eventually find all manner of excuses to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq to get terrorists was only the beginning to reap the profits of War for war related industries and more medals for Generals and Admirals and their underlings.
go to for a start think about it then take ACTION.

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