Friday, October 7, 2011

Bremerhaven Comming Down

A poem and song written as a tribute to the original of Chris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash. At first when Chris approached Johnny Cash to look at it and help with getting it out Johnny Cash barely looked at it and then threw it in the trash. Chris was angry at first but not giving up and  being a pilot in his states National Guard he got permission to take one of the helicopters up for a test run. He flew it to the location where Johnny Cash was and landed in a field nearby, got out and went over to Johnny Cash and again hand delivered a copy of that soon to be top hit song, "Sunday Morning Coming Down"
Years later an American soldier stationed at Bremerhaven, Germany Staging Area, Army Base wrote a song adding his own lyrics about his tour of duty there in Bremerhaven the approximate year of 1965.

Bremerhaven Coming Down:

Well I woke up Sunday morning
With no way to hold up my head without a strain.
Black coffee didn't heal it
So I downed a luke warm Becks to ease my pain
And I left the frauleine softly
Dreaming dreams of last nights passion in her head
And I quietly donned my uniform,
Stumbled down the stairs to meet the day.

Well, I worked a week of mid-shifts
And my head was scorched from code
From distant places
So I headed into town to see the sights
And get a glimpse of different places
And I met a lonely German girl
That was sitting at a table in a gasthouse
And I told her I was lonely
And I need a friend to tell my troubles to.
I talked, she listened and comforted my pain.
That's all--- then back to base I walked alone.
On a Bremerhaven sidewalk
I'm wishing Lord that I was home
Cause there's nothing like a Sunday
To make a GI feel alone
And there's nothin short of dyin
That's half as lonesome as the sound
Of a freighter leaving harbor
And Sunday morning coming down.

While the shifts were long in traffic
From the stations that I searched
Was never ending.
My man was weak and I had to strain
To even hear the message he was sending
And I rolled on to a station where the music
Softly eased my troubled mind.
My controller said "dump the sound
Concentrate on the man you've been assigned".

On a German city sidewalk
The sun is bringing a new day
And my thoughts are of the fraulein
And simpler times of yesterday
And I'll see that girl this evening
And alcohol will help to drown
All the troubles of an Airman
In Bremerhaven Coming Down.

To hear this music search Bremerhaven Coming Down on you tube and Sunday Morning Coming Down for the Kristofferson and Johnny Cash original. 10/07/2011
Stephen P. Coyle

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