Monday, July 28, 2014

Newburgh Nuclears vs Extra Inning Clippers

A poetic rendition of a local baseball game at Delano Hitch Stadium, Newburgh, New York 7/21/14
CBL League,...Collegiate Baseball league started in 1994 for ages 16 to 35

    How baseball imitates life in both it's good and bad aspects:

Wood bat baseball today
Of Hudson Valley CBL
Puffy white clouds floating by 
Gentle breeze and clean air as well

Friendly taunting between players is done,
The players smiling ear to ear.
This game is of plain old fun
With fans and players of good cheer.

For all the hours they are here
Their throwing, catching, hitting and running
Is time well spent with good friends
With some plays they do make so stunning.

Then near the end a tie score,
The game becomes more than a game.
Arguments, complaints of balls and strikes,
Egoes and tempers flare. Are umpires to blame?

Bats gloves and bats are thrown.
Back and forth the argument goes, 
Happy smiles and friendships gone,
Anger and egoes expand and grows.

One poor example of baseball and the human race gone crazy.

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