Thursday, May 20, 2010


NOTE ..These are not dictionary definitions of Conspiracy Theories..

Conspiracy Theories are assumptions based on logic and some facts.

Conspiracy is an accumulation of basic facts resulting in a conclusion

requiring further analysis and investigations to find

truth and unmask the conspirators.

Theory is a possability based on facts and logical assumption due

to the validity and research of as many facts as possible.


Theories may be provable or not provable.

Conspiracy Theories may not be provable but sometimes can be.

Conspiracies are based on facts and truths in which the conspirators

are unknown because of missinformation and lies in a

COVERUP of the facts and truth in order to put forth

their hidden agenda of control and manipulation of others.

RESULT.... When Conspiracies are covered up within the commissions

that investigated many past events such as the JFK assasination,

the USS Liberty assault, the 9-11 Twin Tower attack and fall then

the consequences that results are eventually catastrophic.The

invasion of Afghanistan and illegal preemptive WAR on IRAQ

results with death and destruction and economic calamity for all.

These events and more requires thorough investigations with

indictments, trials and sentencing of those found guilty and

complicit in these murders and damages to our country and

peoples of the world.

WORDS Are not enough ..... ACTION is NEEDED ! What kind of action is the question since it seems that those that represent us are bought and sold by a powerfull rich few. Frustration sets in when marches, rallies, petitions and meetings attended only by members of the choir has little if any substantial results. The futility of it all is so overwhelming when those that should be concerned are not or say nothing can be done or are too busy to get involved. They say worry about your own problems and family and don't get involved but that is just the point.....If we don't then the inevitable calamity will affect us all including our individual families and friends.

Maybe to wait for things to get really bad is the way? If so... then those of us who have something or someone to protect had better prepare as best we can.......They now talk of WAR with Iran and who are they? What are the things that affect us that so many do not know of or wish to not do anything about. Examples....Wars, depleted uranium, chemtrails, HAARP and we should have massive alternative energy programs to replace dependance on oil.

So! Are the above and many more things part of the Conspiracies that we are not aware of or concerned about because they are hidden through the manipulation of information by the MASS MEDIA...ahhhhhh... another conspiracy .....and remember what a conspiracy IS.....and what it is not ..... A Conspiracy is NOT a THEORY IS a fact that is being hidden/covered up.

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