Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Wind in Freedom's Sail

by Byron von Rosenberg 2003

I hear that sail a-rippling as with the wind it fills.
To navigate these narrow straits
takes all our strenths and skills.
In such waters we are tempted to fly a lesser sail
but freedom is the answer and with her,
we will prevail!
She billows full with stories of danger bravely met
Now in stronger storms we shall bravely face.
No! We shall not forget!
Reminding me,"Remember! This sail's sewn not with seams
but with the blood of patriots and their undying dreams."

I hear that sail a-tearing as fiercest storm draws nigh
and wonder what the future holds
as I look through her to the sky.
What can hold together the fabric this storm parts?
The honor and the faith that live in human hearts!
I hear her, our mended sail, whom the sudden gust has fed,
"God has set the course for us in all He's done and said!"
Telling us, "America! Do not your soul deny!
Always seek the wind of truth and your spirit wll never die."

I hear that sail a-flutter as we all set out to sea,
and wonder whence it comes,
this wind that set us free.
I hear it in the voices of generations past.
It is the breath of God that drives our ship so fast,
a sail that reaches outward from this, our blessed land,
Guided by the faith that we are in His hand,
Singing to all, "Praise the Lord! He blessed and He gives!
He is the wind in freedom's sail
and with His touch, she lives
but by our evil deeds she dies,
Through the coming storm,
I pray that she survives.

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