Monday, June 12, 2017

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all wars are bankers wars
century of enslavement--the federal reserve
kennedy and 9-11
Corbett report/federal reserve
electronic injection of money
fractional reserve banking
slavery of the people---federal reserve notes
nuclear energy dangers to all life
depleted uranium weapons use are war crimes
toxic medications===vaccines and flu shots
cell towers, Wi-Fi routers, tablets and cell phones
are altering brain functions...early dementia, etc.
guy McPherson...end of life on earth, very soon.

The how and why of terrorism in our world


Terrorist is just a word, one I wish I never heard
when it's used to vilify without the need to question why.
Only fools would swift condemn that which has not befallen them
until you know what lies behind the actions of a tormented mind.
Thank your God for sparing you from the suffering others have lived through.
Where are the cries for justice, for Arabs driven from their lands?
Blame the victim, turn the cheek, praise the bully, kick the week!
Mock the man who truth does speak.
Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy, greed, corruption, torture, lies!
Illegal invasions, sly persuasions, annihilation, massacred nations.
Keep on going, keep on running, karma's coming!
Money talks, truth walks, oil spills, greed kills,
Tide is turning, London's burning, water's rising, bombs will fall and blood will flow
through streets everywhere until corrupt leaders go, brutal rotten, to the core.
A few have corrupted many more, the barrel is rotten with so many more.
The day has come to even the score.
Show me the man who will not fight, to save his child, his home his right!
You can tell him what you like, your not in his sorry plight.
Cowards stay and martyrs go, When family, friends and neighbors
are wounded or dead this, I know. They speak their truth, they stand their ground,
fight from their corner.
When all around, point the finger, purse their lips, pin the label, "TERRORIST"!
Just a word, but one that sticks, even when the cap don't fit
but for the grace of God go I, remember that before you cry,
False accusation, names of shame, at those not to blame.
Their crime, refused to play the game, of meek acceptance, dumbing down,
Your life, your choice: Warrior / Clown.

September 1st, 2011 by Gilad Altman    placed here by Stephen P. Coyle 6-12-2017

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