Monday, June 12, 2017


I'll tell you this story
About a nation of crazies.
People driving or walking head dow
Eyes gawking at screens, fingers texting.

Oblivion unseen,
With head down, dangers all around,
Mind buried in the desert of sand,
Unthinking and dried up of knowledge.

Sleep, sleep on dumb human,
The dreams are in the fog of war,
Reality a blanket of lies
That cover your head, you sleep soundly.

The sky above of chemtrails
And violent surrounding wars,
The streets are overflowing with drugs,
TV news loaded with hate and fear,

Children forced on vaccines,
Everyone told get those flu shots.
We live our lives in microwave webs,
Unseen penetrating mind and heart.

While the rich get richer,
Their goons follow marching orders
And recruit the employees of death,
Those that are complicit, even your brother.

                                     Stephen P. Coyle       6/12/2017,    11;17 pm

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