Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What does allusions to illusions mean?

When a magician does magic he accomplishes the trick by leading our attention away from what he is actually doing by misdirection, by hiding something behind a curtain, a mist, or within a false bottomed box etc. In any case the trick is beyond our view in that we are viewing a different location from that where the real action is. This is the ILLUSION that is used to deflect our attention from the truth of what is being done by the trickster to control what we believe we see and know of that which is apparently right in front of us. In some way by action or sound, by manipulation of light or mirrors, or speed and deftness of hand and/or hidden compartments we do not see that which is right in front of our eyes. Many of my stories and poems are about those things that are hidden from us by the lies of those that mislead us to accomplish their own agenda (their illusions). My stories are usually concerned with my alluding to these manipulations briefly and indirectly, although in some circumstances it is necessary to be vey direct. The slight references to warn the reader about that which is there but which may not be seen or understood without being aware of the need to pay careful attention is the word ALLUSION. Since there are many ILLUSIONS that easily confuse us the requirement is that we must have the ability to use many ALLUSIONS to separate facts and truths from fictions and lies that mislead us to our own peril. In this modern world magicians are not nearly as much of a problem as those we choose to be our leaders.....hmmmmmm.. Or are they chosen for us while our attention is somewhere else ? Or maybe we believe we choose the lesser of two evils in which case we still choose evil. Two wrongs just do not make a right which is the same as heads they win tails we lose. Just gotta find a three sided coin or make it stand on end....I saw somebody do that once. Now who was that? Gotta make him president or at least a supreme court judge ......Congressman?.....Naaaa ..That wont work...Too many dummies in there. He would be way outnumbered when it comes down to a vote tally for what is right.

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