Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Earth Cycles of Leaves and Trees

Round and round and round,
The leaves of trees, falling down,
Circles of cycles of seeds and trees
That we earthly beings must surely see.

Do we learn from them the basics of life,
The hearts rhymthic beats,
The changes that will forever be,
The grace that god has given we.

Was I listening to sounds within my brain,
Were they musical words silently whispering
Low earthly sounds of Amazing Grace,
The distant soulful sounds of pipers music

Wailing, crying to our human race,
Flowing, blowing with the ethereal breeze
From a forest of the trees
And merging with our human essence.

Leaves are falling, their softly falling sounds
Mingling gently with our heartbeats soulfull sounds
Beating lowly within, lowly drumbeat
With breeze, leaves, and trees around.

Yes! we do hear these sounds, the whispering sounds of....
Of the fragile leaves, rustling through the breeze
Close your eyes, close them now,
Close your eyes tightly, and see that...

They flutter down in a dance
That we can see in our minds eye
And landing, then sleeping in their earthly home,
Their holy ground.

The cycle begins and ends over and over, again and again
The sounds within the forest,
The rustling of blowing leaves falling
To their bed with barely noted slumbering sounds.

They lie quietly,
Preparing for their metamorphosis with earth
Under a blanket of freshly fallen snows,
Changing and nourishing roots of trees, flowers and bees.

By earthly cycles of days, months and years,
Leaf spirit moves through the changes of sun, earth , moon.
Traveling up through the tree to be a leaf once again
And again to make the sounds

Of rustling leaves within a forest filled with trees.

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