Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lies and Liars vs. Truth, Justice, Peace

Hidden behind lies there are truths that liars do not wish us to find. These truths are the basis for their agenda of control of you, me and every person that is unaware of their true agenda. It is based on greed and fear of the unknown. It is for their own power over us all for their own pride and advancement of wealth to create slaves that cater to their every need with little regard to the basic needs and welfare of others. We are all expendable and are led to believe that which they do no matter how evil it is for our own good. They accomplish this by appealing to the basic need within us to improve our own condition for survival at the expense of our fellow men. Instead of helping one another we are led to believe that taking advantage of one another is necessary for our basic needs and survival of our family, relatives and friends. It pits us and our group/clan/tribe/village/ city/state/nation/race against others that dress, speak or believe differently. The peoples of the world itself suffers from constant conflict untill we tire of fighting and learn to cooperate. When will we learn we are all brothers of the same family of men and women. When will we learn to eliminate our own greed and prejudice. When will we learn to see the unbounded greed of the leaders that use the illusion of lies to make us believe we must follow their lead to survive and better ourselves at the expense of others. We must first know ourselves....know truth...know justice...know peace and do unto others as we would want to have them do unto us

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