Sunday, March 14, 2010

STORIES AND GLAGGLE from Marc Gunn, January, 25,2005

They permeate our lives
B. S. mixed with broken hearts.
Everyone has a story to tell.
Some short, some long,
Some how they disappear
For the meaninglessness
Of some insignant ramblings of
Human psychosis. Originally...Feline psychosis? from Marc
We babble, therefore, we are. Sorry Marc ... I just had to modify it... Steve
As an explanation to GLAGGLE:
GLAGGLE. Mark has cats and I believe a ferret.
I remember that He is song writer, musician and poet
That meaningless word I made up and has many CDs including a couple
to give meaning to stupid crap that of them being Irish tunes by/for cats.
I can't describe
Non-flowing, fluid motion,
Hypocrisies and ironies
Laid down to feed the mind
Something other than ferret dookie
On a cowboy hat with extra hot salsa and chili.
Yum! Very appropriate for my present
and future blogs? Hmmm!

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